Who is Antanas Mockus?

Antanas Mockus, the son of Lithuanian immigrants, was a precocious child and a young eccentric man who became a reknown mathematician. He also mastered in philosophy in France and returned to Colombia to become a professor of the National University, and eventually principal of the same institution. He would have probably devoted his life to academy, had not one day, exasperated with a large group of art students who would not let him talk, ‘mooned’ in front of them (and a day later in front of every TV because a student taped him and these images were on national TV). (More)

What is La Silla Vacia?

La Silla Vacia is the most sucessful website in Colombia about national politics.

What is the Green Wave?

The Green Wave is the social movement ignited by Antanas Mockus campaign.  Mockus’s young fans took his campaign in their own hands and organized spontaneusly around Facebook. His supporters designed the political posters, and led an imaginative campaign with public flashmobs, green bike rallies and word-of-mouth with one message: Mockus’s idea to obey the law and understand that life and public resources are sacred.  (More)

About the 2010 Presidential Elections

The 2010 Presidential Elections were very important because they were the first ones after 8 years of Alvaro Uribe’s Presidency. Initially, the elections were thought to be marked: Uribe’s successor, Juan Manuel Santos was going to win the elections. (More)